Dr. Kays’ Mental Minute Podcasts Preview

All athletes wish they could have their best friend with them when they get nervous or worried about an upcoming competition or tryout. Now you can! You can load Dr. Kays’ MENTAL MINUTE of wisdom right onto your iPod, MP3 Player, phone or CD player and have him with you all of the time! His brief and simple guidance on these podcasts are based on years of experience and study with the best athletes in the world. Just think – you can work your mental muscle any time of the day or night no matter where you are! And as the best athletes know, the mental muscle is the most important one to work. For information on yearly podcast subscriptions, please contact us by calling 614-874-0178 or by emailing drkays@athleticmindinstitute.com

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Mental Recovery #3: The Bounce Back FREE SAMPLE

Length 8:40 Date Posted: 5/8/14

Confidence Series #1 - Make Sure You Know the Truth About Confidence

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Confidence Series #2 - Want to Build Confidence in Your Game? Start SHORT!

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Confidence Series #3 - Fake It Until You Make It

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Confidence Series #4 - Focusing on the Process Needs to Be Your Top Goal

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Mental Recovery #1: What Ants Can Teach Us

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Mental Recovery #2: Put Down The Glass of Water

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Focus on Solutions, Not Problems FREE SAMPLE

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A Single Defeat is Not a Final Defeat

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Decide and Commit: Two Vital Mental Skills for Great Golf

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Yelling or Telling? The Key to Your Best Self-Talk

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Three Ways to Practice Imagery

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48 Hours Before Tournament Golf

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Anchoring Your Mind In Golf

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Don't Fight Your Thoughts - Let Them Pass

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Mental Alignment for Better Physical Alignment

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Practice Mental Mechanics, Not Just Swing Mechanics

Length: 6:40 Date Posted:12/12/13

Being Ready Versus Being Prepared - FREE SAMPLE

Length: 5:15 Date Posted: 2/6/2013

The Difference Between "Thinking" and "Having Thoughts"

Length: 7:10 Date Posted 8/18/14

Confidence - Make Sure to Know the Truth About Confidence

Length: 6:50 Date Posted: 06/09/2014

Confidence - Focusing on the Process Needs to Be Your Top Goal

Length: 7:40 Date Posted 06/09/2014

Mental Recovery #1: What Ants Can Teach Us

Length: 6:48 Date Posted: 5/5/14

Getting Ready for Post-Season Play: Let It Flow

Length: 8:30 Date Posted 4/24/14

The Mental CT Scan: Vital for Consistent Success in Sports

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Work Harder Now, Smoother Sailing Later: Pre-Season Meeting Tips for Coaches and Parents

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The Difference Between 211 and 212 Degrees - More than You Might Think!

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Competitive Athletes Can Learn a Lot from a Nine-Year Old

Length: 8:03 Date Posted 2/14/14

What is Your Ideal and Optimal Mindset?

Length 7:22 Date Posted 1/21/14

How Underdogs Approach a Big Game

Length: 7:02 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

The Three D's of Athletic Success

Length: 8:40 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

Preparation for Great Athletic Performance is NOT like Grocery Shopping

Length: 8:21 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

Five Components to Peak Athletic Success

Length: 13.12 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

What is Really Relevant on the Athletic Field?

Length: 11:18 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

Always Practice with a Purpose

Length: 11:06 Date Posted: 9/6/2013

Attitude of Gratitude - How It Can Change Your Life - FREE SAMPLE

Length 8:04 Date Posted 3/1/14

A Single Defeat is Not a Final Defeat

Length: 6:30 Date Posted 4/24/14

Are you Being Your Best . . . TODAY?

Length: 5:36 Date Posted:12/6/13

Your Four Words to a Great Life

Length: 8:16 Date Posted 1/2/14

I Am In Charge of My Attitude

Length: 6:58 Date Posted:12/15/13

Want Great Outcomes? - Then Focus on the Process

Length: 5:34 Date Posted: 1/10/14

Two Words Make All of the Difference

Length: 6:23 Date Posted: 12/23/13