Building Your Practice

Young Professional

If you are looking to grow a practice or business in the field of counseling, clinical, sport and/or consulting psychology, then this service is for you. The Building Your Practice program teaches and helps you build and maintain a highly successful business, both professionally and financially. Numerous practitioners want to start their own practice or grow an existing one and hesitate to do so primarily because of a lack of knowledge and/or confidence.

Dr. Kays will not allow lack of knowledge or confidence to stand in your way.

Everything you did not learn in graduate school you will learn here. This relationship is designed to assist you in developing and successfully maintaining a practice and business in the field of psychology. Whether you are in central Ohio or throughout the country, Dr. Kays has assisted numerous practitioners in developing highly successful and profitable businesses.

Areas to address include, but are not limited to, the following: marketing; fee-setting; setting up an actual business entity; developing a website; effective advertising; clinical issues with clients; building relationships with schools, businesses, organizations, medical practices, and government entities; marketing and public relations; important keys to setting a solid business plan; health insurance positives and negatives; operations such as invoicing, collecting receivables, and obtaining office space; identifying “hot” areas; and “getting in” with your ideal clients.