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  • What does Human Foosball have to do with business?
  • What about ropes, balloons, tricycles, go carts or buddy walkers? 
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The Athletic Mind Institute has partnered with SportsOhio to provide a unique and insightful training program for your organization or business. Combining sport psychology with the principles of preparation, leadership, communication and collaboration needed in every successful organzation, the SportsOhio Experience will help your organization reach its ultimate potential!

Empower your staff to create positive personal and professional changes for a motivated and revitalized organization!

Your staff will:

  • Learn the skills and principles of optimal performance used by world-class athletes
  • Transfer those skills to their own personal and organizational achievement in the workplace
  • Utilize the “athletic mind” to create the most effective, healthy, satisfying and productive work environment
  • Learn what it takes to pull together and create a winning individual, team and organization

As a part of the SportsOhio Experience, we offer:

  • Pre-event interviewing and planning to ensure a customized experience addressing your unique needs and goals.
  • Post-event support and consulting to guarantee your experience results in lasting change.
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The SportsOhio Experience is available year round. Specific objectives and fees are addressed directly prior to contract. Hourly fees do not apply to the SportsOhio Experience.

Call today at 614-874-0178 or email us at to learn more about our services.