Lilia Osterloh Photo

"Working with Dr. Kays has propelled me to achieve a greater sense of mental toughness on and off the tennis court. I take his new book 'Sports Psychology for Dummies' wherever I go and it's great to have accessible knowledge at your fingertips. He has also made efforts to watch me play and has even sat in as my coach at a tournament in The Family Circle Cup in Charleston, South Carolina. He has also flown to Sweden to help me with off-season training. Dr. Kays truly cares about the people he works with and puts great effort into going the extra mile. He understands the mind of the athlete and as a professional tennis player, he has helped me master the psychological aspect of my game." 

Lilia Osterloh
Professional Tennis Player
Ranked in Top 50 in the World

Sam King Photo

“I wanted to write you this morning, because I just finished your book.  AWESOME! You have to be so proud. I thought it was the best sport psychology book I've read. It went through scenarios, but then also gave great exercises so that you can work on improving. I thought it was extremely well organized and was easy to read...it flowed. I loved the last chapters too. The "10 ways to..." really puts a game plan together. Todd, I'm really impressed. You ROCK! I'll talk to you soon!”

Sam King
Avid Golfer and Orthodontist
Dayton, Ohio

Kyle Martino Photo

“Dr. Kays has not only been an outlet for me to vent my frustrations, express my fears and acknowledge my accomplishments, he has been a friend. It is easy to get out there and play when your mind is at ease. Dr Kays makes it possible to free your mind of outside distractions and simply concentrate on the task at hand. We are very lucky to have him at our training sessions with our team.”

Kyle Martino
MLS Color Analyst
Former MLS Player, Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy

Jon Busch

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kays this past year and what a difference it made. Being a professional soccer player, there is more to the game than wins and losses. This past year Dr. Kays helped me with the mental aspect of the game. Through literature and "mind exercises." Dr. Kays helped to keep me focused and prepared for everyday training as well as game days.

With Dr. Kays’ guidance, I was able to reach my goals. A lot of my success and the Crew’s can be attributed to Dr. Kays. We as a team were able to win our first-ever Championship....something I will never forget. With the tools that Dr. Kays has given me, I'll continue to work towards another.”

Jon Busch
Goalie, San Jose Earthquakes
Goal Keeper of the Year, 2008

Mike Lapper Photo

“Through the help of Dr. Kays, I found that I was able to focus more intently when the ball was in my area of play. Through such focus, I ultimately became a better player and as a result, helped my team become better.  His ideas and training around focus helped me to conserve energy for those times that I needed it most - when the ball was in my field of play. Thanks Doc!

Mike Lapper
Assistant Coach, Columbus Crew

Kyle Morris Photo

“Dr. Kays has helped me take my game to the next level. He has made it possible for me to play at the Division I level in college. There is no way I could have ever gotten this far without him. I am looking forward to getting even better and better during my senior year and him helping me to get better and better in college.”

Kyle Morris
Hooter’s Tour

"I have found the team to be an invaluable resource in helping me develop mental skills that I use both on and off the golf course. There are many ingredients essential for success, but none more important than confidence. Dr. Kays and his staff are experts in providing the framework for developing, nurturing and maintaining confidence."

Barry Hinkley
Head Golf Professional
Concession Golf Club, Florida

"I first met Dr. Kays at a workshop for Junior Golfers at Bridgeview Golf Course. I really liked what he said and his workshop helped me focus on what I needed to do to be the best I can be, both physically and emotionally. I went to see Dr. Kays privately, because of intense nervousness I felt at golf tournaments. He listened to me, taught me ways to relax, calm myself down and concentrate better. After seeing him, I was able to compete in tournaments without worrying so much about being nervous and I was able to practice some of the things he taught me; they really helped.  The other thing Dr. Kays would do is to call me between sessions and before tournaments just to check in to see how I was doing and to see if there was anything he could do for me. "

Bexley High School Student-Athlete

“I believe Dr. Kays has helped me in numerous ways. First, he has helped me with my golf game, he has taught me patience on the golf course. He has also helped me think more on the golf course. This has helped me manage my game better. He has taught me many ways to relax on the golf course when I am stressed or tense. Dr. Kays has also helped me off the golf course. The techniques he teaches for the golf course can also apply to my daily life. Whether it is in school or just relaxing.”

St. Charles High School Student-Athlete