Coaches & Athletic Personnel

Jim Tressel

"Wow!! What a comprehensive manual for coaches and athletes. Leif and Todd have compiled a terrific resource for serious competitors. Every encounter that awaits the coach and player is addressed. This book needs to be on every coaches desk and in every players locker. "

Jim Tressel
Former Head Football Coach
The Ohio State University

Therese Hession Photo

"Dr. Todd Kays has been a great asset to the Ohio State Women’s Golf Team and coaching staff for the past 3 years. His expertise with the game of golf has been a key component with developing Lady Buckeye golfers. His insights are just as important as the many physical skills that most players only want to focus on. If you do not believe, favorable results will not happen no matter how hard you work and prepare. Todd assists our players getting into a place which allows their physical work to shine!"

Therese Hession
Head Coach
Women’s Golf
The Ohio State University

Lori Walker

“Everyone of us who is driven to be successful searches for a competitive advantage. Endless hours are spent studying our craft, perfecting technique and refining strategy. Yet so often we neglect the most influential component that makes our endeavor unique - the power of our mind and recognizing how we can influence our own success and positively impact the success of those surrounding us within our team.  

I have personally worked with Dr. Todd Kays and watched the growth of individuals and groups that have benefited from his philosophy, knowledge and understanding. Dr. Kays helps to reveal confidence, develop strategies, organize information and guide individuals who aspire to be the best. As the margin of victory becomes narrow at the top, those bearing the burden of success must have the help and guidance of professionals like Dr. Kays.”     

Lori Walker
Head Coach, Women’s Soccer
The Ohio State University
Three-time NCAA Women’s Soccer National Champion-
The University of North Carolina

Jim Daughtery Photo

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Kays for the last 5 years. He has helped me maximize my high school teams potential enroute to District Championships, State Semi-Finals appearances and a State Championship. The last two years he has been a mentor and a friend helping me find my way as an assistant coach at a Big Ten University. His greatest skill is his ability to relate to players and coaches at any level and maximize the coach's and team's ability to function as a unit. He does that in my opinion by meeting the team, player, or coach where they are at currently, and helping them find a road map to get to where they ultimately want to be as a team and as an individual. His insight into how to maximize the mental muscle is invaluable to any team, player or coach."

Jim Daughtery
Former Assistant Coach – Goalkeepers
Women’s Soccer – Purdue University

Greg Andrulis Photo

“Dr. Kays has made such a tremendous difference for the coaching staff, players and the entire Crew organization. His dedication, creativity, motivation, and presence have been a vital reason for our success, including being the 2002 US Open Cup Champions. We have become one of the most mentally tough teams in the MLS because of him!"

Greg Andrulis
Head Soccer Coach
James Madison University
Former Head Coach
Columbus Crew

Andrew Teitelbaum Photo

“Dr. Todd Kays has been instrumental in my understanding of the mental aspect of sport. Working with him dramatically improved my ability to prepare and implement a mental training plan for my team. His knowledge and insight has been an assistance on countless occasions, and his guidance in the most difficult situations has been invaluable. My interaction with Dr. Kays has laid a framework which generations of my athletes will benefit from. These are not athletic tools, but life tools which I am often encouraging my athletes, my staff, and myself to implement on and off the water.”

Andrew Teitelbaum
Head Coach
Women's Rowing Ohio State University

David Hunter Photo

“Having taught several P.G.A., L.P.G.A. and top ranked juniors, it is my belief that improving one’s technique is not the only answer to reaching personal goals. Golf is the ultimate mind game in all sports. Dr. Todd Kays has taken the mind and muscle aspects of golf and translated them into concepts that are very informative and enlightening  He has helped many of my students improve their mental toughness and as a result has improved their games dramatically.”

David Hunter
PGA Teaching Professional

Jim Ryan Photo

As coach of the Bexley golf team, I was struggling to get my immensely talented team on the right path to reach our season goals. These included winning the league, sectional and district championships and qualifying for a berth in the state championship. More than any other sport that I have coached, the mental aspect of golf is probably the most difficult part to master, add to that the fact that you are working with six diverse teenage personalities and you can understand the difficulties I was facing this season. Enter into the picture Dr. Kays! The athletic director at Bexley suggested that I consider using Dr. Kays' services, and it turned out to be one of the wisest coaching moves I have made in 35 years. Dr. Kays met with us throughout the course of our end of season run that resulted in our league and sectional championships along with a 3rd in the state finish. He made my golfers more confident and determined to play well. Many golfers have trouble getting over mistakes and this baggage can ruin their chances, Todd helped my kids overcome this and move forward not revisiting errors. There is no question in my mind that Dr. Todd Kays work with the Bexley golf team this season allowed us to reach our goals.

Jim Ryan
Head Boys Golf Coach
Bexley High School

Dr. Jennifer Parker-Harley Photo

“The mental skills Todd teaches allow musicians to move from the realm of technical execution towards artistry. Mental training can make it possible for performers to realize their full potential, both in the practice room and in front of an audience. As a performing musician, I notice the difference the practice of these skills makes in my own performances; as a teacher, I see the difference it has made for my students, who have been able to go beyond their fears to more fully realize their potential as musicians.”

Dr. Jennifer Parker-Harley
Assistant Professor of Flute, University of South Carolina

Damon Goodwin Photo

“Todd Kays' approach to mental training and conditioning for our basketball team was a critical ingredient to our success. His methods are solid and the results were evident from the way our players performed on the court and the way they handled the mental peaks and valleys of a basketball season. Todd's philosophy of preparing each individual differently while working within the framework of a team was a unique and productive experience for our team.”

Damon Goodwin
Former Men's Basketball Coach
Capital University

Anne Horton Photo

“I was blessed with a wonderful opportunity, as Dr. Kays worked with my field hockey team prior to the State Field Hockey Tournament Finals. The team had initially weathered a bumpy start in the season, and now needed to address some important issues as they faced state level competition. Dr. Kays worked with the team on their pre-game approach with control issues. He also worked on mental imagery and most importantly the girls learned how to embrace their own emotions as they walked onto the playing field.  These techniques were a great experience that definitely empowered the team and coaches.”

Anne Horton
Head Field Hockey Coach
Columbus Academy
State Champion 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005

Bob Kirk Photo

“I just wanted to take a little time to express my appreciation to you for how much you helped me and my Track Team coaching staff last spring. While we all get along well, communicate better than usual, you and your assistant, Megan, helped us reach a deeper understanding between ourselves regarding our expectations, fears, and agendas for the season. I think it's all too easy to assume a lot between staff members. Getting some basic things out in the open, in an unthreatening session, with you two moderating/mediating, is certainly something I would highly recommend. It's easy to think you know it all after 25 years plus, but it's refreshing to realize there's still more to learn. Thanks, it was invaluable.”

Bob Kirk
Track Coach
The Columbus Academy

Roanna Brazier Photo

“What makes Dr. Kays so effective is his genuine desire to better the athlete. He is very intuitive and can immediately assess a situation and begin”

Roanna Brazier
College Softball Coach

Craig Devine Photo

“I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Todd Kays, our team sport psychologist. This is my second year with the Columbus Crew as the Head Athletic Trainer. I feel that we have the best and most comprehensive medical and coaching staff in Major League Soccer. At this level of competition, the mental aspect of sports conditioning is one of the most important pieces to a healthy and successful team.

Todd does not reap rich monetary rewards for his professional service, but he is a large part of our success. He attends weekly training sessions along with individual meetings with players and staff to develop mental training for peak performance and enjoyment in life outside of soccer. This sports psychology component was a major factor in our United States Open Cup Championship in 2002. This year Todd has had an even bigger impact with a talented team that has under-achieved due to numerous key injuries. He has helped hold our team together with a dedicated purpose and goals, and now we are getting healthy and are making a run for the league championship.

I am proud to have Dr. Kays on our staff and as a colleague to help with my player rehabilitation. He has also helped me personally with the stress that accompanies my position in an injury plagued season.”

Craig A. Devine, PT, ATC
Former Head Athletic Trainer
Columbus Crew

Jim Smith Photo

"Dr. Kays has been a tremendous resource for our players and coaches. His low-key approach allows him to successfully work with the diverse personalities on our team."

Jim Smith
Former General Manager and President
Columbus Crew

"Dr. Kays has helped me improve many areas on a personal and coaching level. With Dr. Kays' help I have incorporated better organized practices, which have enabled me to create a clear path to reach objective goals with my players. Dr. Kays has helped me to develop greater awareness of the importance of preparation for practice and preparation for matches to help establish good routines. His advice and guidance has enabled me to build stronger relationships with my players.”

Rikard Allgurin
Professional Tennis Coach, ATP

“I have known Todd Kays for almost five years now. He is tremendously respected in his field and I have no doubt that he is the next Bob Rotella! Todd is a wonderful person who can provide a positive approach to anyone's game. Todd works with many different athletes from many different sports. He is especially talented when dealing with golfers. Todd will observe your game, ask you questions, watch you play and use his knowledge to map out a game plan for your success. Todd has done a tremendous job with the men's golf team at Otterbein College. He has approached the team from an individual and a team standpoint. Otterbein ranks in the top ten in the NCAA almost every season. They are working together to achieve the first National Championship in Otterbein history. I strongly recommend Todd for any athlete, whether it's one session or many sessions he will improve your mental approach to any sport you want to achieve greater success!”

Matt Smith
PGA Teaching Professional
Pinnacle Golf Course
Former Head Coach – Otterbein Men’s Golf
Former All-American, NCAA

"Our coaches also were able to develop from the sessions…The consultants…provided feedback to our coaches that included advice on tone of voice, positive words instead of negative, body language, team building drills, positive imagery drills and others. The coaches were able to take this feedback and use it to improve their relations with the players and to improve their ability to coach."

Andy Ey
Athletic Director
Westerville Central High School

"Dr. Kays has the presence in a classroom that engages all his students, especially in his Sport Psychology class and Performance Psychology class that he designed and created himself. Students seek out the classes he is teaching! He has a wonderfully open, supportive and patient manner with students. He is true asset to Ohio University."

Leigh Trapp
Director of the Pickerington Center
Ohio University